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So, I posted a picture of Ollie everyday for his first year. I loved doing it and really didn’t plan on stopping, but now it’s been a month since I posted my last picture and I am having trouble getting motivated to catch up… So, I will still be posting as much as possible especially for family that is out of town (hi, gramma!) but just not everyday. With that said, here is a taste of what we have been up to lately.

We bought Ollie his first football yesterday. He practiced his football poses with it.



Hut. Hike!



We visited an apple orchard/pumpkin patch with kevs family. Ollie had a fun time picking out pumpkins and modeling his new hat.


Winter is definitely coming, so I ordered this sweet snow suit on one of those daily deal websites. Unfortunately, Ollie went through a growth spurt between when I ordered it and when we got it and the sale is final. He can’t move in it, but it is really hilarious to watch him try. I don’t think he appreciated my howling laughter while he struggled to crawl away from me.

So that’s what we have been up to lately. I will try my best to post pictures a little more often than once a month!


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