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Today we celebrated Ollie-Gator’s first birthday! I could not have pulled it off without Kev, who designed the invitations and all the adorable signs, and my mom, who made/decorated a million alligator cookies, a dipped a million pretzels and frosted a million cupcakes among other things. This is not an exaggeration, we had so many desserts! But everything turned out perfect. It was fun celebrating ONE YEAR with the little guy. And definitely hard to believe a full 52 weeks have gone by.





Everything came together perfectly, and despite the rain we had a lot of fun celebrating with family and friends.


I surprised Kev and presented him with his very own smash cake along with Ollie’s. I wanted him to feel special since it was his big day, too. (30!!) Both of the boys stayed relatively clean, though.




The cleanliness was nice, considering the fact that I hadn’t brought an extra outfit to change him into. Or a hose to clean him off with, which I have heard is necessary in some cases. He was actually quite dainty about picking the frosting off the top.



Ollie was pretty excited about his new Giraffe “bike” too. Although, his favorite thing to do is stand on the seat… I think we have a dare-devil on our hands! Uh-oh.


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