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Ollie is sick. He has been having lots and lots of hot, runny poops. I will spare you the nasty details (I promise it gets so much worse than what I have already said). Because of said poops, he is developing yet another diaper rash. Last time it really helped to let him play without a diaper on for a bit, but I wasn’t too keen on him pooping on the carpet. So instead, we played in the tub!


He is also not fond of having his diaper changed right now. I don’t blame him, that rash looks painful! So I try to do whatever I can to keep him distracted at changing time. Which, of course, is about every 10 minutes.

And just incase you aren’t 100% sure of what is going on in this picture, Ollie is wearing my sunglasses, he has a diaper on his head and is holding a tampon. And you can’t hear it, but I’m singing him a song I made up about what a cool guy he is. And, let’s be honest, he is a pretty cool guy.


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