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This was my view when I woke up for work this morning. These two are a couple little (sleepy) peas in a pod. Everyone says lately that Ollie looks so much like his dad, and I think I have to agree. They are both pretty darn cute.


If you have spent any length of time with the boy you will know that there is not much that angers him. Basically the ONE exception is the sun. He gets so mad when the sun is in his eyes. Even if the reflection of the sun is causing his dark little stroller den to lighten he starts to grunt in frustration. I think I might have a vampire on my hands. (He did bite my back the other day, but that’s a different story). Anyway, we went for a walk tonight and sure enough as soon as the sun was low enough to invade his private canopy, he wriggled around as hard as he could in order to get away from it. This is how he ended up falling asleep. Hopefully someday he will learn to keep his sunglasses/hat on when we are out. Those are second place in his (short) list of dislikes.


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  1. Ollie is the happiest baby in da world!! You’re lucky.

    And holy cow, he looks SO much like Kev!!


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