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It’s kev’s busy week at work again. (Didn’t we just have that?) When he is spending his evenings at the office, I send him a bunch of pictures of Ollie to keep him company.






Kev’s absence also means that I’m 100% responsible for bedtime duties. Which is normally okay, but tonight ollie was being a little more difficult than normal. He would fall asleep on my shoulder but then pop back up the second I laid him down. I have never really let him “cry it out” but I thought maybe tonight I would give it a go. I laid him down and snuck out of the room before he popped up again. I told myself I would give him 15 minutes and then go back in. He screamed the entire 15 minutes. When I went back in he was so worked up and his entire face was covered in snot. I also realized why he was not able to go to sleep. He had pooped. He was standing there in a poopy diaper and just trying to get my attention so I would change him. And I just let him cry. He was probably like, “what the heck, why is she not coming to change me? Hello? I have poop in my pants!” So I changed him and had to rock him/lay him down two more times before he was finally out. Needless to say, I probably won’t be trying “cry it out” again any time soon. Sorry, baby!

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  1. Oh, that happened to me once too! Give it a few weeks and try it again. I know that horrible feeling – like you let him down. But, no damage done and he won’t remember it!

    • Thanks, Kim! I just felt terrible because I have been so hesitant to try it. He hardly ever cries, so I especially hate the rare occasions when he does. And the one time I let him, he was crying for a real reason! Whoops.


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