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We took Ollie to the zoo today for the first time ever! The last time we went to como was on my due date and almost TWO WEEKS before the little guy finally showed up.

He seemed to be pretty interested in looking at the animals when we would point them out to him.

We told him this was a big Rocky, but he probably wouldn’t want to play like our Rocky does.


It was a lot of fun to take him, even though it was cloudy and cold. I was thinking attendance at the zoo might be on the lighter side due to the weather. Unfortunately, every other parent ever thought the same thing and it was pretty busy. Despite that, we had a really fun time. We met our friends Justin and Alanna and their adorable little boy, Jude, there. But of course I didn’t get any pictures. Boo. I foresee plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the future best friends, though!


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  1. I extra-love this post!! You guys were so cute with little “Laughing Ollie” – he is just the cutest little bud. Can’t wait for Jude to understand animals!


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