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Ollie got a little sippy cup with some water in it tonight. He didn’t quite get it, but he sure enjoyed trying. He also got some fresh homemade carrot baby food tonight. He actually took more than a couple bites which we counted as a success.

He started out eating solid food so well and carrots were his favorite. He would eat an entire bowlful. And then one day he decided he didn’t want anything other than rice cereal. Weird. The pediatrician said to just keep trying. So every night he gets some sort of nice, fresh (or frozen) homemade baby food and he usually spits it all back in my face. But we keep trying! And tonight he took a couple more bites than usual and didn’t spit it back in my face. Success! (He did also smear some on his face, in case you noticed.)

What the heck is going on? Also, my baby only weighs 16 lbs (one lb more than two months ago at his six month check up) so I’m very anxious about him actually eating. Maybe we need to invite his cousin Davis over to teach him a thing or two about eating!

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  1. Not to worry, Nash still wears 18month pants.


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