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Ollie’s 8 month birthday today just happened to coincide with Mother’s Day! It is hard to believe that our precious little boy has been around for 2/3 of a year. And Mother’s Day is obviously different this year now that I am actually a mom. I don’t think I can adequately describe what these past 8 months have been like. Motherhood is the hardest, most stressful, never ending, tiring, and most difficult job I have ever had. It is also the most amazing, rewarding, joy filled, fun and awesome job I have ever had. Being responsible for this little life is the most amazing blessing that I have been given. Every day is a new adventure and I am so excited to see what is in store for our little family.

It was so fun to hang out with my family on Mother’s Day. Better yet, it was so fun to hang out with my family and not have to drive 6 hours after the meal on Sunday. Everyone (minus my 3 siblings, slackers!) was in Minnesota to celebrate.

I am also super thankful for my own mom being here this weekend. She is such an amazing example of what a mom should be and I am blessed to have her as MY mom. And for Ollie to have her as his Meme! If I can be half the mom she is, I think Ollie is one lucky boy.

And of course a shout out to my wonderful hubby for making me feel especially special on my first real Mother’s Day.

Okay, enough with the mushy stuff. Happy Mother’s Day (a couple days late since i am just now getting around to posting this on tuesday, whoops) to all the amazing moms out there!


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