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This picture is a little sad for me. (Aside from the beautiful quilt, of course. Thanks, aunt Shelly!)

When Ollie was first born, we – like most first time parents – tried a bunch of different things to get him to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time. I remember nights of Ollie in his bassinet at the foot of our bed with kev sleeping with his head at the end of the bed so he could wake up what seemed like every ten minutes to make sure the boy was still breathing. I remember nights of sleeping propped up with pillows so Ollie could sleep on my chest. I remember nights of Ollie sleeping in his swing and his car seat. Not that it was even that long ago, but sometimes it seems like forever.

Then we finally realized that he loved laying on his changing mat. He was always so calm and content laying there when we would change his diaper. So we borrowed a mat from my parents and slept for about 3.5 months with him in the bed on the mat.

When I started my new job, and Ollie started daycare, we figured that since he would be sleeping unswaddled in a crib we should do the same at home. This was difficult for me because he would roll onto his stomach and I would worry about him during the night. Our futon is in the nursery, so into the nursery we went to still be close to him.

Ollie has been in his crib for a month now and I finally decided that its time to ditch the hard ikea futon and go back to our nice, comfortable sleep number bed. Granted we do not have a huge place and we do have a video monitor, it will still be weird to not be sleeping 2 feet away (or less) from him for the first time in SIX months.

So if my husband wakes up in the middle of the night tonight and I’m not there, he will know where to find me. I did keep the bed made in the nursery, just incase.

And now for pictures of the boy:






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