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Today was a ridiculously frustrating day.

It all started with me leaving the house at 7:40 this morning in order to take ollie to daycare and then get to work on time.

The driveway to our garage goes under the building and of course no one had been here to plow yet. I tried getting out twice and got stuck twice, having to back my way back into the garage both times. I had to call my sleeping husband to come help. He ever so kindly came and shoveled the driveway and drove me out. Once I finally got out of the driveway, I drove to daycare.

Let me also say that I spent a good 10 minutes this morning trying to find out if the daycare was actually open today or not. According to the handbook that we received when signing up, the only time daycare would have a snow day was if St. Louis park schools had a snow day. Well, SLP was open and daycare hadn’t contacted us at all so I assumed I was fine to bring Ollie in. I got to daycare just as another one of the parents was carrying his child back out of the building. He regretfully informed me that there was not a soul in there.

Great. So I had to turn around and go back home, drop Ollie off and then get 8 hours of work done in 4 so that I could take half the day off to watch ollie so kev could go to work. Don’t worry, I called the daycare and gave them a piece of my mind… And to look on the bright side, I got to spend a bonus afternoon with my favorite little man!

It brought me back to my days of being a stay at home mom while on maternity leave. We had lots of fun eating rice cereal (he seems to be getting the hang of it), playing on our mat (so close to crawling forwards and not just backwards) and napping (just Ollie not me) that it made all the frustration melt away.

And now that you have endured my recap of a frustrating day, I will reward you with pictures of my adorable son doing what he does best… being adorable. Enjoy!






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