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DIY Throw Pillows

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This project definitely was not on my extensive list of things to accomplish before the baby comes (any day now!), but my sewing machine was out and it seemed like an easy thing to do. My husband had also given me a deadline for all the random throw pillows that have been taking up space in closets for the past several months – “before the baby comes” I believe were his exact words. 

So, I started with this lovely throw pillow that I bought for a different project a long time ago, that I never got to (sorry mom). 


It measured 16″x16″, so I cut one square of fabric 17″x17″. (You might recognize the fabric, it’s from the curtains in our last apartment!) And then I cut 2 more pieces, each 11″x17″. This is because I wanted to make pillow cases that are easy to take off and wash. I also already had a hemmed edge from when I made the curtains, so I made sure to leave that edge intact when cutting my back pieces. 



Then I pinned it with right sides together and the back pieces overlapping. I sewed around all 4 edges with a 3/4″ seam allowance. I wanted it to be a little tight so the pillow would really fill out the pillow case. 



Once I was done sewing, I clipped the corners and trimmed all the excess off the edges. 


Then I turned the whole thing right side out, and pushed out the corners with a kebab skewer. 



Then I popped in the pillows and added them to the couch! My goal is to have about a million throw pillows, so I just need to find some more coordinating fabrics and get sewing. I can’t wait!






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