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Sweater to Cardigan

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I have had this super cute cardigan from Old Navy for a while. Obviously, in my current state, it’s too small for me, but it’s one of those sweaters that has always been a little short. I don’t like those sweaters. So, instead of adding it to the clothing swap pile, I decided to refashion it into a cardigan.


I had actually found this tutorial a while back, but didn’t have a cute coordinating fabric for this sweater. My problems were solved when I had an odd piece of crib sheet fabric left over. I thought the navy and yellow would look really cute together.

The first thing that you want to do is cut out two 2 inch thick strips that are about 2 inches longer than the length of your sweater.

Cut your sweater down the middle. Be careful not to stretch it as you cut it. Also, be careful not to cut through the back layer as well. I learned this one the hard way!

Iron one long side of your fabric about 1/4″ under. Then pin and sew the strips right sides together with the sweater along the cut that you just made with your excess fabric hanging off the bottom.

Then fold your strips to the inside of the sweater and pin them with the right side facing out. Sew along both sides and fold the bottom under and sew those flaps down as well.

And voila! You have a brand new cardigan for your wearing pleasure. I have not added any buttons yet, but am hoping to find some cute yellow ones to add on. This is a great alternative to getting rid of a sweater because it doesn’t fit quite right. You can never have too many cardigans, either!


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  1. You are sew amazing, Loran!! Love this idea, it almost makes me want to learn to sew!!


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