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Nursery Sewing Pt 1

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When I found out I was pregnant, I decided I wanted to do a lot of the sewing/decorating projects myself. It’s most likely a cross between wanting to be creative and wanting to be as cheap as humanly possible – with an emphasis on the cheapness. So, I got to work googling and pinning all sorts of DIY nursery ideas. I have also been putting off the actual work, since I’m now in the home stretch and just getting started on these projects. Because I have so much extra energy these days… Not.

Anyway, my first sewing project was to tackle the crib skirt and sheets. I was particularly excited about doing this myself, because it’s usually hard to find gender neutral stuff that doesn’t make you want to barf. And when you do, it’s at Pottery Barn for a million dollars. We did not find out what we are having, so we decided to go with gray and yellow for the nursery colors. And like I mentioned before, Pottery Barn has some REALLY cute gray and yellow baby bedding as do a couple other places, but I’d rather not spend a months worth of daycare on a sheet set. That’s just me, though.

Our lovely crib before the additions.

So, I found tutorials that seemed easy enough for a novice seamstress like myself, and started looking for fabrics. My friend Lauren suggested that we take a trip to SR Harris Fabric Warehouse, which ended up being a jackpot for what I was in need of.

For the crib skirt, I found this tutorial on Young House Love. Sherry actually did a no sew crib skirt, which would have been easier, but I decided to challenge myself and sew instead of iron.

I started out with a couple of yards of this super cute gray polka dot fabric.

I basically followed the tutorial to a T, since we have the same crib as the one on Young House Love. This made it fairly easy to be sure my measurements were correct.

I used a yellow thread that matches the sheet fabric I bought. My dear husband pointed out that no one would ever be able to see/notice it. I realize that, but that’s not the point. I know it’s there. That’s what matters.

Laying the fabric out to make sure it’s the right size!

Once I had all three panels done (I left the back open because it will be up against the wall), I sewed them together and then masking taped them onto the frame.

I still need to attach the crib skirt with velcro, but I’m trying to figure out how to make the corners not so wonky.  And don’t worry, that’s not the actual mattress there. I just wrapped my fabric around a piece of cardboard to see how it was going to look when all was said and done! The mattress will have at least a little more padding.

When the skirt was done, I moved onto the sheets. I found this tutorial on Made. I found this yellow raindrop material at SR Harris as well.

I cut the fabric to the size that I needed (after realizing that it was 3 inches shorter than I had originally thought, whoops!). Then I folded it into fourths a cut an 8″x8″ square out of the corner.

Once I cut the square, I lined up one end with the right sides facing in and sewed them together.

I did this on all four sides. (I realize that my directions here are crap, but I will leave it to the professionals to explain. If you want to make these please go here. Dana is a pro at explaining everything and her pictures are beautiful). Once I had all four sides sewn together, I hemmed all the way around the bottom and inserted my elastic. Then sewed the elastic together and finished the hem.

Here is my finished sheet! I was super happy with how it turned out, but also nervous that it might not fit since the fabric was 3″ shorter than the tutorial called for. We hadn’t bought or received our mattress from our registry yet, so I couldn’t really try it out. I decided to be a weirdo and take a trip to babies r’ us with my newly sewn crib sheet to test it. I got all the way in the store and back to the mattresses when  I realized that I left the sheet in the car. I really didn’t want to waddle all the way back out to my car, back in to test it and then back out to leave again – so I just ended up buying the thing. We are going to need it sooner or later, right?

Here’s the finished project, along with a beautiful blanket that my aunt made.

The sheet fit like a glove and I’m in love with the way it turned out. I’m really happy with my fabric choices and the fact that everything fits. I guess the true test will be whether my stitching stands up to several washes, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m excited that our nursery is finally coming together!



There’s also a couple of friends patiently awaiting Baby K’s arrival. 🙂


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  1. Loran! Your sewing skills totally rock, so awesome! I love the gray and yellow theme-very very cool! Have fun nesting little mama!

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  3. Love your crib sheet so much I decided to make my own. I dont have a mattress either yet so may have to go buy one like you did. I also found this tutorial and it’s funny because their fabric looks like yours(which I love by the way)!
    Now I need to try th bed skirt…

    • Thanks for the link, Sarah! I like how they did their corners better, it seems like it would hold up through even more washes. I love that fabric, too!


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