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DIY Cake Stands

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I stumbled upon this amazing DIY idea the other day over on a blog that I like to frequent for inspirational, crafty ideas. Basically, you take regular old thrift store plates and glasses – and you turn them into beautiful cake stands for showcasing your baked goodness.  The moment I saw them, I knew I had to make them.  They are the perfect addition to any dessert spread and would also make fantastic (and cheap) gifts! They are so simple to make, you are going to want to go thrifting right away to make your own.

First, you need plates and glasses.  Any size or shape is fine.  The wider the mouth of the glass the better, though.  This makes for better stability for your cake stand.  Here is what I came home with.

I had a couple of candle sticks on hand.  These work pretty well too.

Next, wash your glassware and remove all stickers.  You don’t want there to be any residue left behind as the paint won’t adhere very nicely to it!  Once they are all washed and dried, spray a coat of frosted glass spray paint on the glassware.

This acts as a primer for the glass.  Because of this, you can use pretty much any kind of spray paint that you want.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be especially for glass.  I sprayed the tops of the plates first, and then flipped them over and centered the bases on them. They are not glued down yet, but are put on there to create a clean circle that you will later glue around.

After the “primer” is dry, I sprayed a couple light coats of Rustoleum’s Painters Touch spray paint in Sun Yellow.  I thought it would be a nice spring-y color.

Once the paint was dried on the bottom, you can move the glasses and there will be a clear circle where there is no paint.  Take your 100% silicone household adhesive and make a ring on the bottom of the plate where there is no paint and the mouth of the glass will be in contact with.  This will need to dry for about 12 hours.  Once the glue was dry, I flipped the stands over and finished them by spraying the yellow paint on the tops of the plates.  When the glue and paint are both dry, these puppies are pretty durable.  They are even (hand) washable!

I love that these were so easy to make and how much they can class up even simple cupcakes.

For domed fanciness, I popped a couple of glass bowls that I had sitting around on top of the plates to preserve my cupcakes overnight.  And one more side note – (large) frosting roses are way easier than I ever imagined.  Just use a decorators bag with an M1 tip and this is the result.

You can find the original cake stand post found at Centsational Girl. I would suggest just checking out her blog on the regular. She’s pretty amazing at the DIY she comes up with!



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  1. I have been wanting to post pictures of my “cake stand DIY” for forever!! I think I’ve done them a far more “ghetto” way though.. Never thought to use frosted glass spray OR silicone sealant – Genius! I love these, friend.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    ps. Never heard of Centsational Girl.. love her stuff!


  2. Love these Loran! And the glass bowl covers are just the frosting on the cake!” ;0)

    Keep up the good work. I’ve been lagging on the blogging. I’ll just live vicariously through yours.

  3. This is a totally brilliant idea. You’re right. I want to go thrifting RIGHT NOW (or as soon as the baby wakes up).

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  6. Are these food safe? I’ve seen this idea before but I’ve heard the paint is not food safe, so I haven’t tried it because of this. Anyone have any answers?

    • Hey Tina, you’re right. The paint on these cake stands is not food safe. What I did was cut out a piece of wax paper that was the same size as the bottom of my cake and put that down first. Otherwise, the only other thing I’ve put on the stands are cupcakes in their wrappers. I’m not sure about food safe spray paint though. Hope this helps!


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