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a little bit of creativity

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so…there can be some downfalls to starting out in a new home. don’t get me wrong, homeowner-ship is awesome, but it takes a bit of creativity at times.
exhibit A.
for our special anniversary night, the fiance and i decided to celebrate low key. a bottle of wine, some jazz on the xm, and a nice dinner of clam linguine. what could be better? the handsome man prepared the delicious dinner and when it was ready to be served…the problem….no bowls. this is where a bit of creativity steps in and viola…tupperware saves the day!

so today when i discovered one of my friends from work got engaged this weekend, i was mostly excited about the opportunity this presented to do something i love…bake cookies! i gathered the ingredients from my fully stocked cupboard and mixed the dough. the only substitution necessary was wrapping the dough in tinfoil vs. wax paper to cool in the refrigerator. not a big sacrifice.
after waiting the necessary hour, i was ready to roll the dough out and knowing that i didn’t have a cutting board i thought the counter would suffice. i spread out the flour and then came the problem…i discovered i have no rolling pin. i enlisted the help of the handsome man and we searched for something suitable. i came up with a used paper towel roll, he came up with a jar of lotion, a can of shaving gel, and then the winner…

what a smart man! so then i continued cutting out the cookies, first using my convenient cookie cutter which doubles as a drinking device…

and then using a knife to cut out the cookies into cute heart shapes.
when the cookies were baked, i needed to come up with a presentation platter for my display. again, the fiance stepped in and bam…what luck we joined costco this week and had a cardboard box handy to cut the bottom out of.

a little tinfoil and some tape and a decent looking platter was created.


and then as any good pet owner should, i turned to the dog for help testing the usefulness of the remaining box as a neck brace/pair of pants. as you can see, he loved it.



also lacking any type of decorating tools to decorate the cookies with i did the best i could, but i was pretty happy with the final result.

a little bit of creativity goes a long way.


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  1. I’m so confused! Did you write this one?


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