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14 months!

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It’s so hard to believe that Ollie is 14 months old today. He is such a funny little kid. I tend to get some weird looks from other moms at daycare when they overhear me telling Ollie that he’s such a weirdo, but it’s true! And I love it!


His absolute favorite thing right now is having someone read to him. All we do after work/daycare is read books. He will bring one to me and pat his little (big) belly to say “please” and then turn around and back into my lap. He loves point at things in the book.


We tried to do some coloring the other day, but I think he was too hungry to focus on the arts and crafts.


He still loves to wrestle rocky whenever the cat will tolerate it.



He loves getting into boxes, buckets and pails of any kind.




And for Halloween he was the cutest lil’ lumberjack Minnesota has ever seen!

Catch Up

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So, I posted a picture of Ollie everyday for his first year. I loved doing it and really didn’t plan on stopping, but now it’s been a month since I posted my last picture and I am having trouble getting motivated to catch up… So, I will still be posting as much as possible especially for family that is out of town (hi, gramma!) but just not everyday. With that said, here is a taste of what we have been up to lately.

We bought Ollie his first football yesterday. He practiced his football poses with it.



Hut. Hike!



We visited an apple orchard/pumpkin patch with kevs family. Ollie had a fun time picking out pumpkins and modeling his new hat.


Winter is definitely coming, so I ordered this sweet snow suit on one of those daily deal websites. Unfortunately, Ollie went through a growth spurt between when I ordered it and when we got it and the sale is final. He can’t move in it, but it is really hilarious to watch him try. I don’t think he appreciated my howling laughter while he struggled to crawl away from me.

So that’s what we have been up to lately. I will try my best to post pictures a little more often than once a month!


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Ollie Knievel.


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Bestemor (Oldemor) is here! Kev’s grandma from Norway is visiting for the next few weeks. She was able to meet Ollie and our nephew, Asher, for the first time. It is so fun to have her here and be able to spend time with her.


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We had to say bye to Meme and Papa Criss this morning. Glad they could come celebrate with us for the weekend, though!


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Today we celebrated Ollie-Gator’s first birthday! I could not have pulled it off without Kev, who designed the invitations and all the adorable signs, and my mom, who made/decorated a million alligator cookies, a dipped a million pretzels and frosted a million cupcakes among other things. This is not an exaggeration, we had so many desserts! But everything turned out perfect. It was fun celebrating ONE YEAR with the little guy. And definitely hard to believe a full 52 weeks have gone by.





Everything came together perfectly, and despite the rain we had a lot of fun celebrating with family and friends.


I surprised Kev and presented him with his very own smash cake along with Ollie’s. I wanted him to feel special since it was his big day, too. (30!!) Both of the boys stayed relatively clean, though.




The cleanliness was nice, considering the fact that I hadn’t brought an extra outfit to change him into. Or a hose to clean him off with, which I have heard is necessary in some cases. He was actually quite dainty about picking the frosting off the top.



Ollie was pretty excited about his new Giraffe “bike” too. Although, his favorite thing to do is stand on the seat… I think we have a dare-devil on our hands! Uh-oh.


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I woke my birthday boys up with some special birthday pancakes this morning. It was early, but they were both pretty excited about it! I can’t believe I have a 30 year old and a ONE year old. This year has gone by so fast!


We went to Granite City with Meme for dinner. Ollie definitely enjoyed as much ice cream as I would give him. Papa had to cut us off.


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Pre-birthday celebrations with my birthday boys!